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published on 03/21/2022

Within Hospitality services, we have seen a growing trend in the phenomenon of reception robots over the last years. We will be meeting more of these so called serve robots at restaurants and reception areas in offices in the (near) future, at least if we are to believe certain experts.


This specific type of robot aims to mainly relieve hosts in a restaurant by sorting dishes, so the host can interact with the guests. This might sound useful and efficient, but it is exactly why you shouldn’t use such a robot to replace a professional receptionist, because the latter is the host.


Of course we generally applaud technological progress, specifically in our sector.


When automation and digitalization lead to better guest experiences, using them is plausible. Our very own Arrived@ application for digital registration for instance, is a technical improvement that assists the host instead of replacing him or her. Because some things simply cannot be replaced by an artificial solution.


A receptionist is a host. A professional to whom service, personal attention, eye for detail and the skills to deal with different personalities, cultures and background come naturally. This natural talent cannot be programmed into any reception robot. We see this every day in our own employees; hospitality is a part of their DNA, which makes them excellent hosts who make everyone feel at home.


The systematic and correct, yet emotionless and uninterested delivery of food and retrieving of empty plates – which is apparently what is expected of a serve robot – reminds us of welcoming a visitor in a detached way. Of carelessly pressing the elevator button and the perfunctory way of holding a door. When these actions are performed that way, they have nothing to do with hospitality.


Would you prefer to be encountered by a robot or to be welcomed by a smiling host who offers you a coffee, asks you how your trip was, and accompanies you to the waiting area? A robot at a reception desk simply does not sound hospitality minded, concerned, or professional at all. And it certainly doesn’t sound human.


So let’s use robots where they do good, add value, and make people happy. To us, the reception of a professional office building is not one of those places.


At bouwens&, it is our mission to create extraordinary moments, moments that people will remember always because their expectations are surpassed. Our hosts are our specialists who provide personal service with care and attention. It is highly likely that you have been welcomed by one of our hosts without knowing it was us.


Please let our hosts make you feel welcome!



A few words about bouwens&:

bouwens& is a Dutch Hospitality and Facility specialist. They have been leading the way in distinctive personal services for almost a century. In 2003 a new generation started bouwens Chauffeur Services, setting a new standard in executive transportation.

The business transformed itself into bouwens&, hospitality and facility specialist, thanks to a focus on attracting the best people and deploying the smartest technologies. Their committed and experienced professionals work hard every day to create memorable moments for your staff and visitors.


For more information about bouwens& please check our website: www.bouwensand.com or contact our offices in Amsterdam on +31 020 6422820


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