.our mission

We have always built our success on one belief – fulfilment of our teams, as well as the wellbeing of our customers. This is because it’s the foundation of our customer’s satisfaction. Whatever the service required, hospitality, work environment services, multi-technical maintenance, HR solutions, property operation, works, Armonia is the sum of its talent.


Our mission is to support the profound changes in the professional world by assisting our clients in maintaining a high standard of living, property performance, innovation and service agility challenges.



mission Armonia Facility Management

.our values


Humanity is at the core of our daily lives and expertise. Thus, we prioritize kindness, respect, and consideration at every level of interaction, because our connection with others is our signature. What sets us apart is the attention we pay to each of our collaborators, helping them always bring out their best, to create unique experiences for each of our clients, embodying a new vision of Facility Solutions. 



Built on the pillars of expertise, rigor, and agility, excellence transcends the mere concept of individual achievement to become the very essence of our success. This value is ingrained in our DNA and serves to connect both our professional expertise, our ability to innovate to meet the high expectations of our clients, and our teams' commitment to bringing a fresh perspective to our industry. 

team spirit

At the heart of human relations, team spirit nurtures an efficient, friendly and synergetic working dynamic. As a service group, we unite the skills, motivations, ambitions and differences of each person in the service of our clients. 


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