.our business lines

Our mission: manage and coordinate all services and actions that contribute to the quality of life at work through innovation and service agility.

.our approach

With its origins in the hospitality activity (hospitality, occupancy services, events management, etc.), Armonia enjoys a unique position in the market. Dedicated entirely to user experience and backed by proven business and technical expertise, our solutions contribute to the high standard of living of visitors and occupants on a site and optimise the technical performance of real estate infrastructures.

Armonia Facility Management

.our vision of the Facility Solutions market

the versatility of the participants as a performance lever

Because a diverse daily life is a source of fulfillment and therefore of performance, we are broadening the field of expertise of our teams. This enables them to enrich their missions and bring more value to our clients.

balanced focus of attention

Because if we take care of our staff, they will take care of your site, we pay particular attention to the development of our teams and their professional well-being.

digital solutions to enhance the customer experience

Because digital is not only an end but first and foremost a means, we are investing in the development of innovative solutions that enable our teams to focus on the essential: the customer experience.

.our business lines


Global management

Multiservice management

Multi-technical monitoring

Our management model enables a real mutualisation of missions. Armonia gives voice to the employees, occupants and contributors in your buildings, buildings and offices for a strengthened command of information and a more balanced sharing of responsibilities. A virtuous circle that creates value for your ecosystem and infrastructures.


Corporate reception


Promotional campaigns

Hospitality in cultural settings

• Railway hospitality

Hotel, concierge & hospitality services

Customer Relationship Centre


We know that a relationship begins with a warm and personal first contact. 

Our hospitality package is tailor-made for each type of guest. We assess your audiences to adapt our methodologies and create the desired and expected emotional experience.




• Occupancy services

Building services

Management of real estate projects and renovations

Transport and logistics


Enhance the value of your properties through the management, guidance and technical optimisation of your buildings. This commitment is based on 3 major challenges: providing management services for your condominium syndicate, driving your property projects, and upholding the standard of living of your buildings' occupants.


 General and private security

 Remote surveillance

 Fire safety

 Discreet cash transport

 Specialised training

 Canine technology


Armonia, belonging to the same group as ICTS Group Europe, a global specialist in airport security and safety, has taken advantage of its powerful synergies to develop unique expertise and techniques to offer security solutions that combine protection, technology and visitor experience.


  Interim workforce & placement

 Support / back office assistance

As a specialist in work environment and real estate activities, we are able to build high-performance teams committed to your projects: placement, recruitment, temporary work, etc... Whatever your needs in terms of HR development, Armonia is your best ally in strengthening your teams and their skills.



 Green spaces

 Waste management



Each cleanliness initiative is a challenge to be taken up in order to provide our customers with the right mix of human, technological and digital resources to ensure operational excellence and increased user satisfaction.


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