.focus on the job of... Administrative Assistant at Receptel

published on 03/22/2023

At Armonia, Facility Solutions expert, we bring together a wide range of businesses through our various brands. Our businesses cover 6 areas of expertise: hospitality & facility management, reception, event & retail, workplace & building solutions, safety & security, hygiene & cleanliness, and HR & interim solutions. Our goal is to provide excellent services and quality of life for visitors and occupants of a site. We will now highlight our jobs and employees.


Today, focus on the job of… an Administrative Assistant at Receptel!


At Receptel, our Administrative Assistant welcomes every visitor, offering them drinks and escorting them to their meeting rooms in a considerate and friendly manner. They handle and transfer incoming calls, manage several mailboxes and prepare welcome packages for new colleagues.


They also manage the parkings and place orders for office equipment.


All those tasks require a good sense of priorities and an organised and structured approach. Always customer-oriented, our great Administrative Assistant talks French and English as well!


Receptel in a few words:


Receptel is the market leader in Hospitality and Reception services in Belgium.

Are you looking for receptionists who are able to convey their smile on a daily basis, to make everyone feel welcome in your company? As Hospitality expert for many years, Receptel will be the ideal ally to provide you with a warm welcome that matches your expectations and culture. With customer satisfaction as a priority, Receptel takes care of everything to provide you with a personalised and professional welcome that meets all visitors’ requirements.


Discover all about our opportunities there.


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At Armonia, Facility Solutions expert, we bring together a wide range of businesses through our various brands...

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