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published on 06/30/2022

Who are you?

My name is Gemma Rigby, I am the HR Director for Anabas (UK2) Limited, having joined the company in 2015. I have always worked in Human Resources, starting my career in the Royal Air Force at age 17. I am married and have a son (aged 11), my dog Bailey is the welfare dog at the Business Support centre in Darlington.



What is your career at Armonia?

Anabas joined Armonia in March 2021. My experience to date has been very positive. It was lovely to meet Guillaume Amar and Vincent Doucet in September 2021, when they visited the Anabas Business Support Centre in Darlington. This provided the team at Anabas the opportunity to showcase all of the great work in supporting the wider operational business and our people.

My personal values are aligned with those of Armonia and Anabas – delivering the best service and caring for our people.  My mission is to continually challenge myself and my team to be the best possible us, always looking to improve what we do to ensure we support the business and our people.



Did you have to make sacrifices to get to this point? Do you have any special power as a woman?

I see myself as an equal to others at Anabas / Armonia, I am very fortunate to work for an organisation that has valued my skills and experience and invested in me to help me grow and develop further.

I don’t feel I have had to make a sacrifice to get to this point in my career, life challenges you periodically and whether good or bad the experiences help shape the person you are.

Being a woman does not afford special powers, I focus on being a decent person who values the contribution of others, who listens, responds, and work well with the wider team creates a working environment in which all can contribute.



What advice would you give to a young professional to succeed?

Get involved and never feel that you are above doing any job. Learning from the grass roots of a company will help you to build strong foundations for your career.



What do you do in your daily life to promote women’s rights?

As a member of the Anabas Senior Leadership Team, it is important that we lead by example, championing the behaviour and work ethic that we expect from all employees.

As the HR Director, I work with the rest of the management of Anabas to ensure all staff have an opportunity to work, develop, and to feel safe and happy at work.



To conclude:

My Armonia life is challenging, fulfilling, exciting, and I feel valued for my contribution.




Anabas in a few words:

As a full-service facility management company, Anabas, a brand of Armonia group, works with its clients by offering the differentiating services for which it is known: providing facilities management services and an exceptional customer experience in high-quality corporate offices. 

With over 500 employees across the UK, Anabas provides bespoke services to its clients, paying attention to the small details that create an exceptional customer experience. The company works across a range of sectors including financial services, business & professional services, pharmaceutical & life sciences, technology, media & communications and energy & natural resources.


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