.how Anabas makes integrated facilities management work?

published on 04/20/2022

Selecting the right FM supplier to maintain your building can seem both time-consuming and potentially confusing. Do you appoint several single service providers? Or should you be working with one provider who can offer you an integrated solution to save you time and money, allowing you to concentrate on your business?


Under a TFM contract, the responsibility for service provision is entrusted to your sole chosen supplier, including everything from M&E (mechanical and electrical) maintenance, to security, reception and cleaning.


The TFM route ensures that we look at all our services as part of a horizontal journey through your building, from the time your people and visitors enter the building to the time they leave. We do not look at our services as separate service lines or in vertical service silos, we see them as creating an efficient journey through your building.


The combination of all your FM services into one combined, coherent structure provides several specific benefits over procuring numerous single service contracts.


Here’s how we make TFM work for our clients:


We save you time and allow you to concentrate on doing your job :

Your FM team will benefit from a single point of contact. Rather than managing multiple contracts for maintenance, cleaning, and front of house services, you will have one unified solution. By consolidating services, our clients can regain any lost time from managing multiple relationships on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


A unified team :

By combining areas of service, a TFM contract can break down the ‘silos’ that could be limiting the effectiveness of your FM solution. You will benefit from a single, unified team working together to deliver a great service experience.


Knowledgeable technicians :

A combined services approach can reduce the number of personnel needed to deliver an efficient FM solution, saving you money. At Anabas, we train staff in multiple disciplines, creating synergy between the different services we deliver.


All your management information – in one place :

When combining services, you will receive access to the management information for all service areas in one place – whenever you need it. During the mobilisation process, we work closely with our clients on the format, frequency, and style of management information that they wish to receive.


Consistency across services :

TFM ensures consistency of service levels, which helps our clients to focus on their core business. Unlike traditional FM services, which can seem costly and inconsistent, TFM ensures that high standards are maintained across all service areas.


People are key to a successful TFM contract


To deliver a truly integrated TFM solution, one thing that has been proven time and time again is having one point of contact who is highly visible, recognisable, and available as the go to person for all FM needs. This does not just mean one Account Director or Facilities Manager running the entire show with a helicopter view of operations – there is another mid-level supervisory role that needs to be fulfilled to make a TFM solution work. A great example of this is the Anabas Floor Captain role.


An Anabas Floor Captain wears many hats and touches all our service lines. They are trained as an expert in several areas and can balance them accordingly. We coach our Floor Captains on the behaviours we expect in delivering a great customer experience for our clients, with emphasis on, “SEE IT, OWN IT, FIX IT”. These individuals make our Total FM provision work and are the daily point of contact for our clients, building relationships directly to improve communication and resolving issues faster.



Is TFM right for you?


One often highlighted concern is the “all my eggs in one basket” argument. While it is true that you are reliant on one service provider for all your FM services, this leads to the key approach we feel mitigates this risk – partnership. Our services are operated in a collaborative manner with our clients with openness and transparency all round. Through our one team approach and empowered staff we create performance led TFM partnerships and deliver a consistent, first-class FM service for our clients.


To know more about Anabas


As a full-service facility management company, Anabas, a brand of Armonia group, works with its clients by offering the differentiating services for which it is known: providing facilities management services and an exceptional customer experience in high-quality corporate offices. 

With over 500 employees across the UK, Anabas provides bespoke services to its clients, paying attention to the small details that create an exceptional customer experience. The company works across a range of sectors including financial services, business & professional services, pharmaceutical & life sciences, technology, media & communications and energy & natural resources.


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