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Armonia is one of the leaders in the Facilities Management industry.

Being the only player in the market to have a long history in the Hospitality sector (hospitality and occupancy services), Armonia reinforces a unique position in the market.


Armonia Facility Management

.400 M €

revenue 2022

Armonia Facility Management


committed employees

Armonia Facility Management


loyal customers

Armonia Facility Management


agencies across 8 countries


We are convinced that the Armonia Group is the sum of its talents. 

Developing our brand identity has enabled us to strengthen our desire to put people back at the heart of our approach. 

Beyond our service offers, we aim to make individuals proud to be part of the Armonia group in order to...


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Would you like to join an international group that promotes the growth of its employees?



.join the new generation of the Facilities Management

As a major player in Facilities Management industry, we have devised our offers so that they anticipate and assist in the evolution of the real estate environment, working methods and the performance of real estate infrastructures. 

We are convinced that reliability and resourcefulness are the key components to a long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

. our business lines


Global management

Multiservice management

Multi-technical monitoring

Our management model enables a real mutualisation of missions. Armonia gives voice to the employees, occupants and contributors in your buildings, buildings and offices for a strengthened command of information and a more balanced sharing of responsibilities. A virtuous circle that creates value for your ecosystem and infrastructures.


Corporate reception


Promotional campaigns

Hospitality in cultural settings

• Railway hospitality

Hotel, concierge & hospitality services

Customer Relationship Centre


We know that a relationship begins with a warm and personal first contact. 

Our hospitality package is tailor-made for each type of guest. We assess your audiences to adapt our methodologies and create the desired and expected emotional experience.




• Occupancy services

Building services

Management of real estate projects and renovations

Transport and logistics


Enhance the value of your properties through the management, guidance and technical optimisation of your buildings. This commitment is based on 3 major challenges: providing management services for your condominium syndicate, driving your property projects, and upholding the standard of living of your buildings' occupants.


 General and private security

 Remote surveillance

 Fire safety

 Discreet cash transport

 Specialised training

 Canine technology


Armonia, belonging to the same group as ICTS Group Europe, a global specialist in airport security and safety, has taken advantage of its powerful synergies to develop unique expertise and techniques to offer security solutions that combine protection, technology and visitor experience.


  Interim workforce & placement

 Support / back office assistance

As a specialist in work environment and real estate activities, we are able to build high-performance teams committed to your projects: placement, recruitment, temporary work, etc... Whatever your needs in terms of HR development, Armonia is your best ally in strengthening your teams and their skills.



 Green spaces

 Waste management



Each cleanliness initiative is a challenge to be taken up in order to provide our customers with the right mix of human, technological and digital resources to ensure operational excellence and increased user satisfaction.

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.our locations

In more than 8 countries with 35 agencies throughout Europe, North Africa & Middle East. Our expertise is on your doorstep.


Emmaplein 2, 1075 AW Amsterdam
Postbus 17474, 1001 JL Amsterdam


Phone : +31 (0)20 642 28 20


C/ Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 866, 3º, 08018 Barcelona


Phone : +34 932 05 83 83


Brussels City Center, Stéphanie Square, Avenue Louise 65/11, 1050 Brussels



Immeuble California Garden, 1er étage bâtiment A, lotissement la Colline - Sidi Maarouf Casablanca


Phone : +212 522 204 891


2 Pioneer Ct, DL1 4WD Darlington


Phone : +44 844 576 3737

Dubaï (Armonia)

2905, JBC2, Cluster V, JLT, Dubaï, UAE


Phone : +971 58 519 1688

Dubaï (THA)

Irise Tower, Office 10C13, Barsha Heights, Dubaï, UAE


Phone : +971 4 566 81 77


38 Wigmore St, London, W1U 2RU London


Phone : +44 20 7467 1000


C/ Francisco Remiro 2, Bloque A 4ª Planta, 28028 Madrid


Phone : +34 910 29 58 09

Paris (Headquarter)

3 rue Cambronne, 75015 Paris


Phone : +33 (0)1 53 58 60 00


05 October 2023

Office Concierge joins the Anabas team and becomes Anabas Welcome

Office Concierge is changing its name to become Anabas Welcome, to give our brands greater visibility in England.  

25 August 2023

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16 August 2023

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09 August 2023

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Learn more about the job of multi-site residential concierge for our British brand Office Concierge.

02 August 2023

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Discover the personality of a Sales Manager at Receptel, our brand in Belgium.

      our business lines

      Our mission: manage and coordinate all services and actions that contribute to t...

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      our history

      Armonia operates in the Facility Management industry and offers its clients...

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      our commitments

      our commitments superadmin Thu 13/02/2020 - 09:13
      Commitments Armonia Facility Management

      In line with the Group's culture and values, we are confident in our ability to evolve and improve in order to offer all our clients a beneficial, long-lasting and caring working relationship.  


      We are committed from today to offer a better tomorrow, one that is more respectful of human rights. Armonia has defined its CSR strategy and Sustainable Development policy in order to assist its employees in their collective success and to be a real driving force for change in the FM service sector.


      We are proud of the diversity of our profiles and the diverse career paths of our talents.  


      This is why, since 2006, professional equality, solidarity and the continuous improvement of working conditions within our teams have been our major CSR focuses.



      CSR at the heart of our approach

      Our CSR commitments are based on three pillars: our employees, the environment and societal innovation. They are applied in a logic of progress, the power of "small steps". The aim is to continuously integrate CSR performance into our services, while respecting the sustainable development challenges specific to each of our stakeholders.



      a brand of a committed employer
      culture Armonia facility management

      Driven by the group's rebranding, Armonia's employer brand reflects our desire to harmonise the development of expertise within our teams and to provide more balance of our inclusive dynamic and vector for social advancement.


      #ArmoniaLife is our way of life,  to unite and share our good times, illustrate our team spirit and promote, together, the experience of our employees.

      investing in our talents

      Our employees are our strength. We believe in the importance of continuous training and expertise development for our 16,000 employees. 

      With more than 60% of our managers coming from internal mobility, we encourage our teams to train, reinvent themselves and show initiative in order to develop within Armonia or our subsidiaries.

      embodying the energy and enthusiasm of tomorrow

      Our employees define our DNA. We cultivate diversity and open-mindedness within our teams. We attach more importance to the profile and personality of our talents than to their academic background.

      At Armonia, professional equality, the fight against all forms of discrimination and respect for the work-life balance are part of the HR fundamentals we ensure professional equality.

      inspiring to offer a human adventure

      Our employees are our voice. We believe in continuous improvement as a driving force for performance.

      Because our talents are best placed to tell the story of who we are, we encourage exchanges between employees and potential new recruits. Our Ambassadors programme provides this dynamic, both externally and internally.

      discover our employer commitments discover

      our brands

      Our brands are our guarantee of quality. Each of them are focused on innovation ...

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