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We are convinced that the Armonia is the sum of its talents, our employees make our history and forge our future. We are committed to enriching their careers and cultivating their skills.

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Learning and growing together with our employees is the key to our success and our model has proven itself overtme. Joining one of Armonia teams means becoming part of an international group that values hands-on and actively supports the personal development of its employees. 

We are always on the lookout for new talent. Find out more about our offers and apply for the one(s) that best match your expertise and aspirations.



agencies throughout Europe, North Africa & Middle East

In which you can invent a career that suits you.

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Specialists in Facilities Solutions (hospitality, occupancy services, work environment, HR solutions, security, etc.) to help you build a rewarding experience.


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For which we are looking for the ideal candidate (M/F).



Exchanged daily because caring and attention to others makes all the difference in service based activities.

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Driven by Armonia's new identity, our employer brand reflects our desire to harmonise the developments of skills and to reinforce our internal synergies. This way, every day we can help our teams grow

investing in our talents

Our 12,000 employees in France are our main source of strength. We believe in the power of continuous training. Therefore, we offer e-learning training courses to all our employees. With more than 30% of our managers being promoted internally, we encourage everyone to learn and develop, to reinvent themselves and to show initiative in order to evolve within the group.

embodying the face of Armonia

Our employees are our best advocates. We believe in continuous improvement as a driver of performance. Because our talents are best placed to tell the story of who we are and to help us promote growth, we encourage interaction between clients, employees and candidates. This is the mission of our community of brand ambassadors.

inspiring a human adventure

Our employees define our DNA. We cultivate diversity and mix within our teams. We are particularly attentive to the personalities of our talents and how they complement each other in order to create a generator of value for our clients and our teams.

As a family group, Armonia embodies strong values: team spirit, spirit of service and the spirit of progress.

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We are convinced that Armonia is the sum of its talent...

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At Armonia, we are convinced that every career can be cultivated...

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